Compensation & Benefits

Compensation Review

We know that the compensation review is one of the most important and costly people processes organisations go through each year. It therefore makes sense to approach this as an ongoing investment cycle rather than a one-time, tactical project. Aon believes an effective compensation review is about more than the process, its success also rests on clearly communicated people management outcomes aligned with the organisation's business needs.

Maintain your compensation edge

Aon can help you to prepare realistic salary budgets that support your business objectives and maintain your competitive edge in the compensation stakes. The advice and recommendations from our consultants will enable you to confidently allocate salary expenditure to key areas of your business, using merit matrices and other customised tools.

Optimise your salary review process

We'll help you to run in the most effective and efficient salary review in accordance with your organisation's compensation, HR and business strategies.
Our advice and training can improve your HR team's knowledge and experience so you can run salary reviews consistently, accurately and smoothly. With our salary review software, we aim to streamline or remove manual, time-consuming and administrative processes so that you can focus on communicating with reviewing managers and performing the tasks that will significantly influence the success of the salary review.
If you've not had the time to fully assess your organisation's competitive standing in the market, or future compensation needs, Aon can help. We're expert in analysing your organisation's compensation data and presenting high level trends and hotspots to you and your executive team.