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Actuarial Valuation Services

Your Global Actuarial Partner

Aon provides reliable and consistent actuarial services for domestic-only and global defined benefit (DB) plans. As a leading actuarial firm in virtually every key country, our global actuarial services are second to none. We help multinational companies manage their plans, with a focus toward the key areas of design, financing and operations. We identify risks, prioritize opportunities, and give you access to important market data by country. To help you manage plan costs, we execute a robust risk management strategy across all defined benefit plans globally.

Leading Actuaries

At the heart of our actuarial services are over 70 professionals (as of 12/31/2019), spanning the international retirement risk management continuum. Partnering with those are local actuarial teams with deep global expertise, and together, they coordinate local and global data for your plan. Our team considers your organization’s broader goals and risks to identify the right global actuary model for you, whether it’s a consistent global investment or funding strategy, multinational asset pooling or global design objectives.

Greater Insight Digital Platform

Gain the advantage of Greater Insight, our next-generation, web-enabled global benefit management platform. This innovative tool collects and analyzes the financial and other plan management information for all global employee benefits, including DB plans. Our tool helps to consistently and accurately:

  • Manage and measure all assumptions and financial information
  • Evaluate benefit accounting for local and global teams
  • Assess the impact of country regulatory changes

Real-Time Insights Back Your Decisions

Aon actuarial consultants analyze trends in retirement benefits and provide regular updates on hot topics that affect your plan. These insights help you:

  • Develop a strategic plan for retirement programs, aligned with your business needs
  • Comply with changes in plan funding, accounting and administration
  • Create and implement timely funding and accounting solutions

Proactive Cash Flow Strategies

Our cash flow projections and future expense estimates help move you out of “reactive” mode with immediate, customized alerts for regulatory and accounting changes. Additionally, we provide regular compliance reviews to quickly target and implement changes, as well as quarterly pension risk assessments to help you monitor funding and investment policies.

Guaranteed, Timely Results

Through in-depth planning, powerful tools and a proven process, our actuarial consultants offer:

  • Annual funding and accounting valuation results, delivered with ample time for key funding decisions
  • Fast turnaround of benefit calculations and year-end disclosures
  • Meaningful financial projections from Aon’s trusted tools

‚ÄčDefined Benefit (DB) Pension Risk Management

We collaborate with sponsors to determine objectives, develop asset/liability management strategies and put major control levers in place for plan sponsors. Our solutions cover pension risk transfer, lump sum distributions, plan termination and liability-driven investing.

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