Retirement & Investment Solutions

Merger and Acquisitions

Our corporate transactions team is comprised of world leaders who have successfully led and managed some of the most significant, successful and complex global transactions.
We offer a full range of consulting services for mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, including due diligence, acquisitions and integration, and restructuring, turnarounds and cost effectiveness strategies.
Aon merger consulting around Retirement plans take an integrated, systematic approach, providing you with:

  • Pre-Due diligence support around Retirement and Defined Benefit plans and related actuarial liabilities
  • Actuarial review and valuation of Defined Benefit plans being transferred as part of the Transaction
  • Post-Deal Integration of Retirement Plans
  • Consulting on Retirement Plans around design and sustainability
  • Project Management Support around transfer of Retirement Plan Assets and Funds
  • Employee Communication
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